Develop your own IO game

Start with nothing and build your own awesome IO game

Part 1: Introduction to IO games and general overview

IO games are type of web browser games where multiple players can easily join the game at any moment without creating an account and play against other players immediately usually after just one click of a button. Main theme of such games is “survival of the fittest”. You have to dominate other players in various ways. For example: get bigger, longer, stronger, faster, etc. Failing to do so will result in you being eaten or otherwise destroyed.

Part 2: How to create simplest IO game (client application)

This part of the tutorial is about how to create the client application for the simplest IO game. You can test the game here. It is not easy to create a single article for both beginner and advanced developers. Most of the stuff in this article will be boring for advanced developers and challenging for beginner developers. Professional developers won’t have time to read this article at all to understand what the code does so to save your time you can download the source code of the client application and examine it yourself and start creating your own game right away and skip the rest of this post: